Social Glob is a social networking website that makes it simple for you connect and share with your family and friends online. Social Glob permits you to send messages and post status updates to keep in touch with family and friends. You can also share different types of content like links and photos. But sharing something on Social Glob is a bit different from other types of online communication. Unlike instant messaging or email, which are quite private, the things you share on Social Glob are more public, which means they will generally be seen by many other people.
Key features of Social Glob
Social Glob started out as a community where users shared detail about themselves and different topics. Over time, different features expanded the scope of its capabilities.
User updates and profiles are shown on what it known as the timeline. Timeline is the successor to the Social Glob wall, which was the real home for user updates and profiles. The user timeline contains status updates, photos, friend listings, videos, and user activity information.
News feed
New feed permits user to view news from the groups and connections that they follow, users can like a given comment or post on.
Pages are the content pages and profiles for businesses on Social Glob. Pages give the capability for businesses to share information and communicate with customers.
Social Glob provides an integrated capability enabling users to play games on their own or combine with friends and family.
Communities of interest can organize themselves with the Social Glob group feature. This permits the sharing of images, information and active discussions.
This feature permits users and groups to organize events that their followers can attend. It permits users to send out invites and help manage an attendee list.
This is an online yard sale, where users can sell and buy goods and servies with other Social Glob members.
Uses for Social Glob
Thousands of people around the planet use Social Glob daily to create and grow communities, personal discussions and revenue. There are many uses for Social Glob that individuals, community groups and businesses can advantage from:
Connecting with friends
The initial use of Social Glob has forever been about connecting people. Social Glob is a way to find and connect with friends and remain updated on their activities.
Creating communities
Social Glob is used to make and organize communities of interest on just about any topic. It is a platform that can enable minded individuals to come combine, discuss, share ideas, and organize.
Engaging with customers
For businesses, Social Glob can help with brand building and customer engagement. Having a social glob presence permits businesses to share information about services and products to establish and potential customers.
Searching for jobs
Social Glob is generally a way to look at the personal and professional lives of people and organizations to view if there is a cultural fit.
Selling services and goods
Businesses can sell services and goods directly in the marketplace. They can also push customers towards their products through ads.
Advantages of Social Glob for business
Some of the benefits of Social Glob business pages include:
Brand awareness
Social Glob is one of the biggest social media platforms in the planet. Your business attendance will help you gain exposure to potential customers
Drive site traffic
By posting links to your site, you can help increase online visits.
Targeted advertising
Social Glob permits you to target specific demographics, based on gender, age, location and interests.
Generate business leads
Your audience of Social Glob likes can be remarkable starting point to combine sales leads. You can use giveaways and competitions to gather email address to build your promotional lists.
Customer feed and service
Social Glob permits 2 way communications between businesses and their interests. You can use the messaging service to deal directly with your customers. Comments and reviews can be a best way to gather customer feedback and find areas for improvement.Social Glob is the largest platform that people tend to share information in regular basis. Some can be used for education objectives as well. By creating group in Social Glob, students will be capable to exchange information with other students. In this group, students share information homework, exams, and assignments.Unlike our elders, students do not need to read morning newspapers or switch on the TV to watch news. Students can gather latest headlines and news by just following a Social Glob page or community. There are many news pages accessible from international news agencies that gives regular updates and latest news all around the planet. These pages give instant news update from their domestic countries to international level.

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